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Methodology's Story

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I was raised by a single mom in Santa Ana, CA and grew up eating fast food. Not because my mom didn't care about my health, but because she thought fast food was healthy.

My mom is a Vietnamese immigrant and believed fast food was typical American food (I guess it is, sadly) and that Americans must be healthy because they're so much taller than Vietnamese people and this country is so wealthy. She always said Vietnamese people were "underdeveloped" because they didn't eat enough meat or drink enough milk.

I continued eating fast food as I got older, except on a more extreme scale. Several times a week I'd binge drink then take down an entire pizza and pass out. When I woke up hungover, my ritual was to grab a breakfast burrito my co-workers and I nicknamed the "gut bomb" because it was the size of a small baby.

My health worsened as I got older too. There was once a 3-week period where I only slept an hour a night. My home was the cleanest it had ever been, but I was the loneliest I've ever felt. Because there isn’t much to do while everyone else is sleeping. But I refused to continue taking the Ambien the doctor had prescribed me because the hallucinations scared me to death. I just couldn't sleep when I saw "strangers" in my room standing motionless staring at me. Too creepy for comfort.

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At another point my asthma was so bad the doctor told me if I had waited any longer to come in I would've been hospitalized. She had me blow into a small tube to see how far a little ball would move, a way to measure how much air I was taking in. The little ball was supposed to move to the end of the tube. My little ball barely moved. She prescribed steroids to me and sent me home.

No doctor ever suggested I change my diet.

One week when I was 26 years old, my eczema began to clear up. It was a miracle. For years my elbows felt like they were on fire, like someone was constantly holding a match up to them. Feeling relief from this pain brought me to tears.

To be sure, I tried eating these nuggets again and my eczema flared up again. This is when I first realized that food could affect my skin, not just my weight.

I was shocked and confused. I wondered why no one had told me this before.

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Today, I have no prescriptions. I haven't had an asthma attack in years. I no longer suffer from even seasonal allergies. I sleep like a baby and wake up feeling rested. There isn't a millimeter of eczema on my body. My belly doesn't hang over my jeans. And I'm happy. Beyond happy. I'm healthy enough to feel confident, beautiful, loving, fulfilled, at peace.

I now spend my weekends learning how to cook from my dad and eating out with friends. I don’t worry about whether I’m eating healthy overall because I eat Methodology all weekday long.

Eating better is by no means a cure-all, but it's easy to underestimate the power food can have on your life. I suffered for so long because I thought my ailments were just genetic or incurable, so I didn't even try to improve my wellbeing. And this impacted not only my health, but also my self-confidence and my self-worth because I felt like I was trapped in the body I had and I would always be limited in what jobs I could hold, who I could date, and whether I could reach any of my childhood dreams.

But it turns out I had the potential to not just feel "okay," but to feel beautiful, confident, and vibrant every day.

Even knowing how powerful a change in diet can be for our lives, it's not always easy to make a drastic change. We have kids, work, hobbies, a busy social life. For some of us all of the above. When dinnertime rolls, sometimes all you can do is grab whatever will be fastest just to make sure you eat something. How this will impact your focus, energy, and health doesn't really play a part in the decision because it can't.

And that’s why I
started Methodology.

Because it’s difficult to not only figure out how to eat better in a way that supports your unique body, but also how to maintain it. We do this for you in three ways:

1. We make it easy for you to customize your order so you can easily select food that sounds tasty to you that also fits within any diet restrictions you might have.

2. Our food is pre-cooked, so all you have to do it heat it and it’s ready to eat in less than 5 minutes. It’s also safe to eat cold if that’s all you have time for.

3. Our weekly subscription is what makes this a sustainable lifestyle rather than a temporary meal plan. We automatically assign food for you each week based on your diet preferences and item ratings so you never have to worry about having healthy food that you’ll love stocked in your fridge, even if you forget to check your order.

Methodology is here for you on your journey toward optimal wellness. You never have to feel alone or overwhelmed again.

You deserve to feel better than "okay." You deserve to live your dream life.

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Our culinary team is led by Execute Chef Anna Louie, previously the head of three Michelin Atelier Crenn and one Michelin Octavia.

As an Asian American, Anna grew up cooking and eating Asian food. Coupled with her background at the world’s best French and Italian restaurants, she designs a truly global, fine dining-quality menu for Methodology.

We’re also known for packaging our ready-to-eat meals in reusable glass jars and meal containers and are building a closed-loop supply chain with as close to zero waste as possible.

Our headquarters is based in Concord, California. We currently deliver to thousands of guests throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern

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