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Misty Slopes

Our 6 Governing Pillars of Partnership


As followers of the 8 Limbs of Yoga we believe it's our responsibility to serve our community. We value partners that see the importance of this as well.


Our partners to maintain consistency and integrity in shared mission vision and values.


Our quality standards: 

Is it sustainable? Is it healthy for people, pets or plants? Is made with the highest quality materials or ingredients? Was it made with consumers in mind?


Authentic and thoughtful solutions made by thoughtful humans.


Everyone loses when it's only about money - We want to establish an approach to partnership that values integrity over all else.


We place an incredibly high value on the partnerships we establish - We seek to create relationships that foster accessibility, inclusivity and unity.


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Get ready for magic! Our #clubalo initiative is designed to bring the Alo Fam together in-person for health-conscious, outdoor events — yoga is (comm)unity!


Science-backed nutrition meets food made with love. 

Our menu is designed using the latest nutrition research to optimize gut health, longevity, and weight management.

The science is in: according to Dr. Robert Knight, founder of the American Gut Project, the industrialized world’s largest gut health study, we should be eating at least 30 different types of plants per week for optimal gut health.

Methodology makes it stress-free and easy for you to eat the widest possible variety of whole, real foods (with 200+ plant-based ingredients on our weekly menu) —in the perfect portion size to feel energized and satisfied.

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GLOW Yoga Retreats

We hope to stoke the inner flame of every student who comes our way. In return, each student is able to return to their daily lives a little brighter than before. 

After all, individually we have the power to illuminate another person’s darkest hour. Yet, when we come together, our collective light has the power to illuminate the entire world.

Conscious with Christina 
Health, Hormone and Fitness Specialist - Work with Christina to learn to choose foods that feel good both mentally and physically. Eliminate dieting, guilt, obsession and stress to discover how to nourishing the body with love.

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Interested in becoming a partner? Get in touch to learn more.

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