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Women Practicing Yoga


Simply Mind Body Soul Yoga combines experience and expertise to create and facilitate uniquely enriching private and group based yoga classes as well as our more in-depth experiences and retreats that are personalized, accessible, and affordable. 
We created Simply Mind Body Soul Yoga as an alternative to the traditionally unilateral approach taken to yoga classes and retreats, providing an exceptional quality of service that is 100% customizable.

Connect with us to see how we can help you create the yoga experience you have been looking for.

Yoga Class

Private Yoga Classes

Flexible scheduling, tailor-made tuition and a one to one connection that is very difficult to achieve in class.

Would you like to deepen or strengthen your yoga practice? Perhaps you are interested in understanding more about the ancient and broad teachings of Yoga. You may want to investigate more difficult yoga poses or receive complete and detailed yoga adjustments. Or there may be specific yoga practices such as pranayama (breath work) that you would like to add to your practice. Private yoga lessons our instructor Tyler Tanner allow us to tailor the teachings to your specific desires and inquiries.

Iyengar Yoga Class Triangle

Private Workshops

Work 1:1 to get detail oriented adjustments and modifications centric to what your body needs. 

1. Gain Initial Experience In A Safe Environment For Beginners

2. Learn To Feel More Comfortable And Less Self-Conscious

3. Focus And Build On Personal Goals & Needs

4. Working To Reduce Your Anxiety Without Triggering Other Stressors

5. Learn Strategies To Practice Yoga Anywhere, Even at Work

6. Making Your Schedule Work For You

7. Advance Your Yoga Skills With Pre-Determined Goals

8. Tailor The Workshop To Your Limitations, Injuries, or Health Concerns

9. Prepare Yourself For Group Classes or Retreats 

Yoga Session


Get your sweat on with a 4 hour guided Yogi Body Buster!

Get your heart pumping with some high intensity movement and good music. 

We enjoy making all our services customizable, so whether were working out at the local park or heading up to the Lake for the weekend... We're ready to plan a boot camp that aligns with your every need! 

Yoga Group

Private Retreats

At Simply Mind Body Soul Yoga we believe in creating unique ways for you to enjoy the retreat you have been looking for.

We understand that not everyone can jet off to Bali for two weeks, but a weekend detox with the gal pals might be just what the doctor ordered! Connect with us today to get a quote for what you're interested in.


Faithful Flow Yoga

Simply Blessed Yoga is a project that is oh so near and dear to us! 

Join instructor Tyler Tanner for an incredibly enlightening Women's Bible Study for Yogis.

This moving meditation and study is based on studies centered around the narrative of Christianity and growing in our faith as women.


For Private requests please email

Women Holding Hands

Reverent Retreat 

A yoga retreat for built for Christian women.

Join instructor Tyler Tanner for an incredibly enlightening Women's Bible Study Retreat for Yogis.

Reverent Retreats are centered around the narrative of Christianity and seek to reconnect women with their authentic identity rooted in Christ.

For Private requests please email

Practicing Yoga

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