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Teacher Spotlight

At Simply Mind Body Soul Yoga we believe in creating abundance - We want to share the teachers that we draw inspiration from or work directly with so that we can develop a platform to advertise other teachers that we love and learn from so that you can love them too. 

Our Mission

We whole heartedly believe in quality over quantity and our mission is to raise the vibrations of yoga teachers and offerings as a collective. 

We maintain this mission dutifully by promoting:

  • Teachers that only instruct what they are educated in.

  • Teachers that are interested and invested in learning from others - We care deeply about sharing teachers who are dedicated to remaining students themselves

  • Teachers that regularly participate in receiving and pursuing feedback from other credentialed individuals in their field. 


Wellness, Nutrition, Fitness and Life coaches have seem to, in some cases, become synonymous with some forms of therapy or expertise that in many cases lie fundamentally in the bounds, or scope rather, of medical psychiatry, psychology, and or Physical Therapy - While these tools and coaches can help when paired and engaged with methodically or in tandem with expert knowledge, it can unfortunately become harmful for many individuals who haven't had the opportunity to have guidance or direction in their selection of a "coach."

For this reason we aim to "clean up" this space, if you will. By openly articulating how important these factors are in selecting and investing in working with a coach of any kind. Our hope is that our customers use our platform and this space as a connection to resources, tools and individuals that they can feel the utmost confidence in trusting. 

Meet Our Collection of Spotlight Teachers


Being a featured teacher is a membership based affiliation and we do require teachers that have not been sponsored to participate in monthly advertising rates and membership plans. 

If you are interested in becoming a featured teacher please use the email below to submit an application containing links to your social media outlets and website if you have one.

If selected you will then be provided with a monthly member rate quote and upon receiving payment we will work with our team to get you up and featured within 1-2 weeks. You will receive a landing page that features your monthly offerings and or an About Me page that allows you to advertise your unique skill sets and talents. 

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