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Need a Yoga Teacher for Your Next Retreat?

Hire Tyler to Co-host or Run Your Next Yoga Retreat 

At 24 years old Tyler has practiced yoga for over 12 years, been a Trauma - Informed Yoga Instructor for 2 years and lead restorative retreats for just over a year.

Tyler holds over 600hrs of study and is a developing Clinical Yoga Therapist pursuing another 1000hrs of education. 

Yoga by the Pool
Yoga by the Pool

We Can Help You With...

  • Co-hosting a Yoga Retreat

  • Leading a Yoga and Wellness Retreat at Your Retreat or Wellness Center

  • Leading or Co-hosting a Yoga or Wellness Festival or Event

  • Leading or Co-hosting a Retreat Sponsored by Methodology Foods

VeganVegetarianPaleoMediterraneanLow Fat and Pescatarian Options Available 


Organizing, Planning and or Facilitating a Yoga and Wellness Retreat.

This plan is ideal for:

  • Yoga teachers looking to book or host their first retreat

  • Yoga Studios

  • Corporate Businesses

  • Wellness Brands 

  • Natural Beauty Brands

  • Corporate Wellness Retreats

and so many more... 

Connect with us today to see how Tyler can help you host or put together the retreat experience you've been dreaming of!

Connect with Me!

Contact Me for Collaborations and Rates:


All inquiries, questions, comments, feedback and requests are welcome.

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